Where to access admin email from Mailjet?


I finally managed to install discourse on a Digital Ocean dropplet with Mailjet after 3 hours. Now I have to register the admin account for discourse.

The email I added as admin email is contact(at)example(dot)com.
My domain is example.com and my discourse domain is forum(dot)example(dot)com.
In Mailjet I added the email address contact(at)example(dot)com as a “sender address”.

I am not sure if I fully understand the process.
To register my admin account for discourse, the email was sent to contact(at)example.com (this is the only email address that I can chose and which I entered during the discourse installation on Digital Ocean).

On Mailjet I can see that an email was sent from noreply(at)example(dot)com to ontact(at)example(dot)com.

My question:

How can I access this email that was sent to contact(at)example(dot)com?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

See this first:

If that does not solve your issue, then this is a bit of a guess because I’m not familiar with Mailjet. You could do one of these two things:

  • Set up an account or alias for contact@example at Mailjet and retrieve emails from any email client using the SMTP credentials
  • Set up forwarding so that any mail to contact@example is routed to another email address.

You need to set the notification email address to the one that mail jet will accept mail from.


in mailjet or in discourse?

Thank you, I have already read that. But as I understood the person there just used his/her personal gmail email, right? but during the discourse installation it said that I shouldn’t add my personal gmail address…

As long as they match then you’ll be in good shape.


ah now it works, I had to activatae email routing on cloudflare. thank you!
the only thing I am not sure about now is that cloudflare replaced the TXT record for mailjet (v=spf1 include:spf.mailjet.com ?all) with this TXT record: v=spf1 include:_spf.mx.cloudflare.net

not sure but mailjet now suggest to change the TXT to this:
v=spf1 include:spf.mailjet.com include:_spf.mx.cloudflare.net ~all

does that make sense?

Yes, it does. That tells mail servers that check SPF records that both cloudflare and mailjet are permitted to send emails for your domain.

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Have read through this topic and am feeling confused. The admin account can be whatever email address you use. It does not have to be set up through mailjet. Mailjet is just for outbound email from your forum.

I’d suggest you use your gmail or whatever email address you use every day and that you know will work to reach you. You will need to specify the email address you want to use when running /discourse setup or by editing /var/discourse/containers/app.yml.


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