Howto use Mailjet as a free SMTP service for Discourse

In this small tutorial I will show you howto use mailjet as a free SMTP service for Discourse.

At the moment mailjet let you send 6000 mails per month or 200 per day for free and without sharing your credit card information.

You can sign up here Mailjet - Sign up (not a affiliate link)

Then validate your account by clicking the link in the email.

Create your domain
Go to your account settings: Login | Mailjet

Press “Add a Sender Domain or Address”
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Then add your domain
(Please note that to validate a domain, you need to have access to your website hosting or your domain registration account.)

Adding a new domain

DNS verify your domain
Login to your DNS host.

Add a new DNS record based on the info from mailjet

Add the new TXT DNS record to you DNS service. In this case cloudflare.

End the validation by returning to your mailjet window. And press Check Now

You’ll see a window like this when you’re done
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Setup SPF Authentication
Under Login | Mailjet “Sender & Domain” you find this option
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Make a new TXT DNS record with the recommended settings:

After this you should get a green setting window

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Set up DomainKeys/DKIM

Make a new TXT DNS record
Please make sure it stays on one line!

Developer instance

Choose Developer

Choose SMTP relay

At the next window remember the settings eg by let the window stay open.

Installation of Discourse.

Copy SMTP server to SMTP Server during the setup

Choose SMTP port. 25 or 587 (some providers block port 25). I use 587.

Use Username (API Key) as a SMTP Username

Use Password (Secret key) as SMTP Password

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Then you should be done and ready to use the service. :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: