Simple workflow for group owners to add members

Currently, I believe this is the workflow for a group owner to respond to a request from a member to join their group:

  1. Get a notification about a private message requesting access

  2. Review the private message

  3. Navigate to the correct group page

  4. Click on the “+ Add Members” button.

  5. Enter their username from the message you received

  6. Click “+ Add”

I would like to suggest that a much better workflow would be:

  1. Get a notification about a membership request

  2. Navigate to the member request page tied to the group. See all outstanding requests with messages.

  3. Hit “Accept” or “Decline” and the requesting member is added/not added to the group membership.


Yes that does seem much better. Who was the last person to work on groups stuff @sam?

Edit: added to 2.3 #releases


Hi, I am so grateful this was added to Discourse!

As one further refinement, I would like to suggest that after a member is accepted into a group, they receive a notification (or a PM):

Your group membership in GROUP has been approved


I think a notification might be better than a full blown PM, can we do something simple here @nbianca?


Accepting a request will create a notification informing the user they were invited to a group.