Singleboard computer recommendation

Hi, I’m planing to create a small forum. Which single board computer would you recommend for it? Like Raspberry pi 3, Odroid c2, xu4 etc. I appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

O one would recommend any of those except as a proof of concept. A 1gb droplet on digital ocean, or its equivalent is the minimum for a forum that you expect to work.

Well, I’m willing to spend some money for it. Important thing for me is that it’s low powered… Would a zotac box work for example? Or what would you recommend in that category?

A zotac box would be x86 right? We recommend that instead of ARM.

@codinghorror have a recommendation on mini PCs here: How much is Discourse affected by a faster CPU?


People have tried Raspberry Pi 3 before, but I don’t know if anyone has had much success. The official image is for x86-64 which will limit your singleboard choices a lot. Or brave the worlds of unsupported installs. :smile:

Any modern Intel i3 chip with 4gb (financially it is silly to put less ram than that in any PC these days) plus any brand of 128gb ssd should run Discourse great – I recommend Skylake family or later though. You can search Ali Express for mini pc and there are tons.


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