How to install discourse

Hi Everyone,

I am completely new to discourse.We have a requirement for our product to set up a discussion forum for users to provide their feedback and raise defects accordingly.In this regard, when we were exploring came across this platform but we are not sure how easy it is to build a forum .Does this require any installation as I see few forum topics ?If so,we are using a standalone server,how to install it and how forum can be created .Also,I see people use the term self hosting.Though we are looking for free option,just wanted to check how a web forum can be built on a standalone server such as linux.Kindly assist.

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Welcome to Meta!

There’s an excellent install guide available here.

This forum has a really friendly community here - if you run into trouble, just let us know where you’re getting stuck and someone will be happy to help you. I hope Discourse is a good fit for you!

Click here to see the official system requirements for Discourse


  • modern single core CPU, dual-core recommended
  • 1 GB RAM minimum (with swap)
  • 64-bit Linux-compatible with Docker
  • 10 GB disk space minimum


When it comes to the hardware, I’d generally recommend not getting too close to the minimum specs.