Site goes down during upgrade


Recently, while upgrading, my site starts returning a 500.

This only happens while the site is upgrading.

This is the first time this has happened, but I would like to know how to prevent it, as an inconclusive page that mostly just says “Oops” isn’t exactly useful to users, and creates downtime.

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It has been that way all the time :flushed: Because when it is under upgrading it is situation of error 500.

And that’s why we can do this:

Or am I missing now something?

Yeah, I think you’re missing something.

Before I was able to use my site while it was upgrading. Rebuilding isn’t the case but upgrading my site would stay alive

Am I wrong?

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I’ve seen this recently and it worried me. This is not normal. It prompted me to perform an “offline” command line upgrade (which was annoying)

I will keep an eye out for it happening again.