Content won't load after update

Hi, I was rebuilding the docker in an attempt to install the official advertisement plugin.
However, after the rebuild, the site looks fine, but clicking on a topic won’t load its content.
Only title loads.

By checking F12 console, I was prompted with the following message:

I tried to use safemode by following How to use Discourse Safe Mode, and everything worked fine.

I’ve removed the advertisement plugin from app.yml, thinking it was the cause, and rebuilt the app again, but the problem presist.

Then I think of if it’s the problem of the theme I used, so I upgraded it as well, but no luck. I also tried to use the default theme, no luck as well.

Somebody please help…
Thanks in advance.

Looks like a Theme Component or Plugin is not addressing the Ember Router correctly? Make sure they are all up to date. Remove as necessary.


woah, that’s right! I didn’t think of TC.
You are correct, it runs now.
Many thanks for this speedy support!