Site loads on IP, but not on subdomain


I’ve setup bitnami discourse here, on GCP, and I have added an A record to point it to here,

Unfortunately the subdomain appears to just spin…but the IP address loads no problem. What am I doing wrong?



Here is my console log error…

You’ll need do a standard install or ask the Bitnami people for help. Discourse typically won’t work on an ip.


Okay, I understand. I was hoping given it was basically a standard looking install someone here might have a pointer on how to get this working. Looks like it’s the case of 99% done, but 100% have to start from scratch.

Thanks for the help.

  • Jake
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If you somehow have data in the existing instance you should be able to make a backup and restore to the standard install.

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No data, just a bare install.

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As Jay has mentioned we can’t help with the bitnami install. That package exists to promote bitnami and has historically caused all kinds of headache.

Follow the standard install on a fresh VPS and see how you go.

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