Size of onebox site icons is changed

Another thing with Onebox also is very hit and mis rendering of linked site icons, for e.g.

... class="site-icon" width="228" height="228" style="--calculated-height: 228px;">

No idea why it calculates such a different height, the icon should be square, 16 x 16px or bigger, I am not sure if it’s a bug or something from the originating linked website causing it.

On some occasion removing any referral end portion of a URL fixes the problem, but probably less that does.

Obviously it looks bad and is exacerbated on mobile devices where less screen real estate is available.


How about have a setting to force an icon size if it’s grabbing the fav icon or whatever.

Actually I am not sure it is exclusive

v2.9.beta6 but also noted in .beta4

Onebox is distorting site icons, often too narrow a width of 16px seems to be the default applied, then the height is pulled from the total height of the actual inked icon image and this can depending on the size of the source image, triples the size of the Onebox:

What I have noticed also is the distorted icons are live linked / hot-linked but not when the source image is a locally downloaded version.

Tested a few more there, and it now appears to be affect both local or linked sources images, it also fixes sometimes if images download and then a “rebuild html” is forced on that post, and the other times not.

This is still a major problem and it’s apparent even on meta.

The top inbox is stretched but the one below is now.

Meta Example Post >>> Go from a Wordpress + Discourse structure to a Discourse site only? - #4 by spirobel

Any chance we can get this nailed down?

I have trouble understanding your issue. Can you try to explain the problem better?

Yea you would, because it’s not doing it now even for me!

I didn’t screen grab because I couldn’t but the top one saw the small fav .ico type logo stretched and distorting the top one box. Next time I come across it I will screen grab.

I wonder is it a browser specific issue, unless of course someone did a sneaky fix :wink: