Skip Redis Version Check

Is it possible to skip the redis version check on a rebuild? Rebuild started failing on the most recent version of Discourse and the only error I’m seeing is that Discourse requires Redis 6.2.0 or above. We’re using an external redis server that’s on 6.0.14. I’d be surprised if this caused an issue with Discourse functionality, so I’d like to be able to still update Discourse until we are able to upgrade Redis.

I did also try rebuilding without using external Redis but got different errors then, depending on whether I included the redis template.


I would be surprised if they set that version as a requirement if there were no reason.

I saw a previous post where it was said/implied that the requirement is just because that’s what they use to dev/test on, so anything less they can’t guarantee will work. I’m willing to take that risk or at least test it out if possible. I’m also looking at speeding up our upgrade though.

Hmm. That does sound familiar. But this requirement was added recently, so I’m thinking that there is likely a reason. But I can’t search commits very well on my phone, so we’ll see what else we hear!

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We are using a new Redis command that is only available on Redis >= 6.2.0. We ship that Redis version in our base image for 11 months, and it’s also available on AWS Elasticache service, or as the official Redis docker image.

The change was made so we can get better performance in high traffic situations, where Redis becomes a bottleneck for some large Discourse instances.

That said, we are discussing internally if that is too aggressive of a requirement and may revert that performance patch to accommodate sites stuck on an old version.


Good to know, thanks. Jay was right, you did have a reason. :grinning:

I can switch to using a newer version, but might be nice not make that a hard requirement for those that lag behind a bit if it won’t break anything.



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