Slick Image Gallery

OK, well, my response went unnoticed, and @Hifihedgehog’s also went unnoticed.

Uninstalling and recommending that nobody else use this component.

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The component works fine on a production test server with the latest Discourse. :thinking:

Can you check your browser’s console to see what error happens? (Click right → inspect → Console tab)

It is not necessarily deprecated, but the component relies on jQuery, and the modernization in the core tends to remove the jQuery dependency.

I would encourage you the image grid available in the core:

Sorry about that! You’re right; that would be a welcome change. :+1:
Did you try the image grids feature I linked right above? It might provide a good replacement.

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Yep, using the grid instead. I had really poor luck with the Slick gallery anyways. Any more than like 5 photos would not work.
It’s uninstalled now, so I won’t be testing anything.

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I have been diving into converting to grid for my pre-Ember 5 galleries, and I am quickly discovering that that is not a workable solution–full stop. Grid, per the documentation (“the items in the grid are arranged to ensure the column heights are as close to each other as possible, therefore, the order of the images isn’t always maintained”), does not maintain image ordering which is a huge showstopper especially for lengthy slide decks that I sometimes upload in image format. Is there an alternative or are we supposed to just not use an ordered gallery now and just paste images as a single plain jane, wall-of-images, unformatted column? I’m definitely not a happy camper with how haphazardly this Ember 5 rollout was handled, not one bit.