Slow mode for a category

The topic author can activate the slow mode only for a topic now: Discourse 2.6.0.beta5 Release Notes

Topic slow mode

We added a new slow mode for topics that are heating up. Staff can enable slow mode from the topic admin wrench. When enabled, users will have to wait for a staff configured period of time before being able to post again.

The question is:
Is it possible to do the same but for a category? May be it’s possible to add such setting to the category settings to automatically activate it for all new topics in the category?

I found it useful to make discussions very thoughtful, but it’s not convenient to do it manually with every topic in the category, because sometimes authors forget to activate it.


Something like this?

I would find it very helpful too!


I checked all options. Of course, they are working for topic separately. But I need to have a per-category setting. This way all topics will have this setting activated automatically.

Possibly – we’re still gathering feedback on the feature, I consider it beta. Extending it to entire categories might be premature at this point in time?

I personally would prefer that we first identify criteria that cause topics to enter (and exit) “slow mode” automatically.


Our reason is that we have an internal rule of sending reports once a day and use this category for this purpose.

Also there was a conversation about political discussions. This feature would help to create fully another approach to conversations. If activated, they would become very thoughtful and posts would transfer to essays (not short sentences).

This way it may be useful for educational purposes also.


May I know what’s the rationale of this “slow mode” feature? Is there a practical scenario to it?

A quick search should find the topic associated with the feature, and more info :wink:

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Thanks Jeff. Will do a search for the topic.