Discourse 2.6.0.beta5 Release Notes

New features in 2.6.0.beta5

Suspend or silence users when flagging

When flagging posts, staff can now suspend or silence a user immediately, without needing to visit the review queue or use admin page. This allows for a more streamlined active moderation workflow, when moderating against a topic directly.

WCAG-compliant color palettes

Discourse now ships with two additional color palettes - WCAG Light and WCAG Dark. These color palettes follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for minimum contrast. Admins can create color palettes from these base palettes and set them as user selectable, giving users control over the colors they want. Read more about them in WCAG high-contrast color palettes for low vision.


Topic slow mode

We added a new slow mode for topics that are heating up. Staff can enable slow mode from the topic admin wrench. When enabled, users will have to wait for a staff configured period of time before being able to post again.

Ctrl+Shift+Enter or Shift+Click do not scroll when posting

By default, Discourse will automatically scroll down in a topic when you post, so you can see your post. In some circumstances, users may not wish to scroll, and instead keep their place in the topic. To skip the scrolling, users can hold the Shift key while clicking the Reply button, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

Detect dates in posts when creating bookmarks

Discourse now attempts to detect dates within posts when a user creates a bookmark. If a date is detected, that date is shown as an option in the bookmark modal.

Category group moderator improvements

Category group moderators can now edit all posts with the category, even if they do not have TL4.

Disable default bingbot throttling

Previously we blacklisted, then allowed but throttled, bingbot due to crawling sites at a significantly higher rate than other crawlers. More details in Bingbot is default throttled. 2 years later after testing we’ve found that bingbot is crawling at a normal rate again, and thus have removed the default throttling.

Ask user to confirm topic deletion when topic views are high

Thanks to community member @RickyC0626, staff are now warned before they delete a topic with a large number of views. The view count defaults to 5,000, and is configurable by admins via the min topic view amount for delete confirmation site setting.

Process bulk actions in batches

Previously if staff attempted to bulk update a large number of topics, the process could time out. We now process bulk actions in smaller batches to avoid such errors.



Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta does not include any security fixes.

Plugin improvements

Many plugins

  • Bug fix
    • We’ve patched numerous bugs in many of our plugins
  • Translations
    • We’ve updated the translations in many of our plugins

Data Explorer

  • Include additional enums


  • Deprecate plugin, inlcluded in core as of 2.6.0.beta4

Discourse Hub

  • Misc fixes for iOS spacing


  • Improve enable and activate processes


  • Better UX for anonymous users
  • Refund support from dashboard

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Add a CSS class to the HTML element on background connection error
  • Allow admins to opt out of chunked encoding
  • Include rejected queued posts in the user archive export
  • Add non_automatic group type param to groups index API
  • Show a placeholder instead of videos in preview
  • Use “no-referrer-when-downgrade” as our embed policy
  • When we fail to ship topic timings attempt to retry

Bug Fixes

  • Use <> link instead of code for discobot backup image link
  • Keep tag filter value when changing the category dropdown.
  • Search filters text was not able to be overridden
  • Support new Google Analytics id format
  • Strip the trailing slash (/) of cors origins.
  • The attribute is discourse-url not data-discourse-url
  • Staff can create and edit posts even if a topic is in slow mode.
  • Show ‘quote’ button when topic is closed but composer is open
  • Pretty text allow list
  • Ensure group SMTP and message builder always uses from address for Reply-To when IMAP is enabled
  • IPad DiscourseHub app layout issues
  • Hide delete button if user cannot delete and/or flag a post
  • Capybara diet upgrade, can eat real :herb: now
  • Show title on results of all poll types
  • Converts html to text to use it as title attribute
  • Adjust user card position, follow-up to da5841d
  • IPad app sticky header positioning
  • Ignore PGP data in emails by MIME type
  • Reset invite when resending it
  • Prevent slow bookmark first post reminder at query for topic
  • State is leaking between tests, causing flakey failures
  • Only include last_posted_at if there’s a topic_user object.
  • Add check for youtube thumbnail
  • Removes duplicate “ and adds ‘ and ’
  • Properly handle quotes and backslash in Search.set_tsquery_weight_filter
  • Invite users with sufficient trust level
  • Optimizes sk body position in RTL mode
  • Persist secure image width and height if is given
  • Pass user to Email::Sender to avoid broken reply key for group_smtp email
  • Restore users#topic_tracking_state route to api session_info scope
  • Converts “ and ” to " in local dates
  • Attempts to convert french quotes to regular quotes in dates
  • Include font import for embedded comments
  • Remove need for overflow hidden, follow-up to da5841d
  • Ensure old uploads can have animated field updated
  • Ensure slow mode duration is correctly edited and displayed.
  • Loading container needs same width as posts, follow up to da5841d
  • Moderators can add/remove group owners
  • Enable “remove tags” button only when tagging is enabled
  • Calculate page if page param is not given to TopicView
  • “Sorry an error has occurred” was shown when flagging a post
  • Only TL4 users and staff should be able to see the disable slow mode button

UX Changes

  • Inform staff users that new users will be auto-approved on invite
  • Prioritize “invite by link” option (for staff users)
  • Improve error message for already logged in users
  • Move category editing/creation to its own page
  • Remove forgot password button from login-preferences
  • Fix mobile padding-top on mobile, follow up to da5841d


  • We don’t need to use a huge image to test thumbnails
  • Apply sprockets patch in a test environment
  • Disable Sidekiq only during database restore
  • Don’t ask for new posts while loading new posts