SMF TO Discourse with Wordpress?

I have a large SMF install. It’s over half a million posts.

My goal is to port over to Discourse with a wordpress front end. The question is, what would that process look like. I’ve tested imports of smf to Discourse, but it seems in my eventual end state Wordpress would handle the accounts. After the import my accounts would all be in Discourse instead.

Any thoughts on high level move from SMF to Discourse with Wordpress?

Probably the best approach would be to use the Discourse SMF importer and import everything to Discourse. Then, if you need to manage your users through WordPress, export a users CSV file from Discourse and use a WordPress plugin to import the users to WordPress.


You could just do the standard import as you’ve done and let WordPress users log in with Discourse as the SSO master.


Wasn’t sure it could be setup that way. That would seem to be the easiest.