SMTP problem with Amazon SES

I use AWS EC2 and AWS SES to host my discourse. However after trying half a day I cannot let the SMTP work.
I have follow the

I got

but my email ( cannot receive the verify email.
and the log sometimes says “Job exception: Net::SMTPAuthenticationError”
I dont know why I am sure the SMTP username and passwords are correct.
And I tried this:
Testing your connection to the Amazon SES SMTP interface using the command line - Amazon Simple Email Service

currently my AWS SES is in sandbox, but I verified my email(


you may want to have a look at these topics:

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This is the latest log when I attempt to register

THANKS but I have check these, I dont think these can help

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OMG I solved it, I need to add my domain ( to the ses, cause it is using this domain to send email