Wordpress and Discourse instance + some other functionality on one droplet

Hello All!
My Discourse instance is installed on Digital Ocean droplet. I need to install Wordpress site also onto this droplet and for login page of discourse instance to be a menu item on this wordpress site (and somewhere on the page), opening discourse instance. Also I need to have menu items (sub-domains also): Edu (for installing “Tutor” open source on it), DAO (to have connection to Aragon), VR (for Spatial).
Here is a rough plan to achieve it suggested by GPT-4:

Installing Wordpress on the same droplet:

1.	You need to make sure your droplet has enough resources (RAM, CPU, Disk Space) to handle both applications.
2.	You can install WordPress on the same droplet, but it would be best to set it up as a separate virtual host. This would mean configuring your web server (likely Apache or Nginx) to host multiple websites. Check the server’s documentation on how to do this.
3.	You can then install WordPress on the new virtual host following the standard WordPress installation instructions.

Adding Discourse login page as a menu item on the WordPress site:

1.	First, you need to get the URL for your Discourse login page. Usually, this would be something like https://forum.yoursite.com/login
2.	Then, in your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Appearance > Menus.
3.	Here, you can add a custom link to your Discourse login page.

Setting up subdomains:

1.	In your DNS settings (likely where you bought your domain), you need to set up subdomains for each service.
2.	Each subdomain would then need to be configured in your web server to point to the relevant service.

Installing “Tutor” on the ‘Edu’ subdomain:

1.	You would need to follow the official Tutor installation guide. Since Tutor runs inside Docker, you would need to ensure Docker is installed and running on your server.
2.	You will have to point the ‘Edu’ subdomain to the Tutor instance.

Connecting to Aragon on the ‘DAO’ subdomain:

1.	The specifics of this would depend on what exactly you want to achieve, but it would likely involve pointing the ‘DAO’ subdomain to your Aragon instance.

Setting up Spatial for the ‘VR’ subdomain:

1.	As with the others, this would depend on the specifics of your Spatial setup. However, it would likely involve pointing the ‘VR’ subdomain to your Spatial instance.

Thank You :pray:

Running another application on the same instance can be complex. Review this first: