[Solved]: Need a developer for several Discourse projects / customization

(David García-Navas) #1

We are running Discourse since dec’13. Meanwhile, we have thought some customization for several projects, but in our organization we haven’t a Rails / Ember.js developer, so we are searching someone that could helps us with one or some of the tasks on the list:

  1. Plugins:
  • Embed a Google Calendar on a post: the current plugin to do that doesn’t seem to work :frowning:
  • Embed a Google Drive (Spreadsheets) on a post: as seen and suggested on this topic, “It would be fantastic to embed a spreadsheet so people on a topic could fill data or answer a form”.
  • Stats: As I suggested on this topic, the export user info list doesn’t export enough data for us. Jeff Atwood suggested to write a little app that queries from the Discourse API but we don’t know to do that :frowning:
  1. Custom layout: it would be useful for us to add a column to the right side (only for /latest and /categories page), where we could add the html we wanted, as is now the header and footer:

  2. Mediawiki integration:

  • (v0) Adding a new tab to the layout
  • (v0) Embedding a mediawiki site on the tab
  • (v1) Share login with mediawiki, add custom badges for contributors, link discussions with topics…

Embed Google Calendar plugin
Extended user stats export list plugin
Embed Google Spreadsheet plugin
(Benjamin Kampmann) #2

You might want to check out/install my sidebar-plugin. It provides (as the name suggests) a sidebar with plenty of existing widgets. No free-html-blob yet though, but PRs welcome.

Dynamic sidebar plugin

Do you know of anyone that has this in use at the moment? I’d love to see it in action.

(Jeff Atwood) #4