[SOLVED] NFS mount hangs - need Vagrant file for Fedora 23


Vagrant downloads the virtual box file OK but “vagrant up” hangs on NFS mount. Through Virtual Box I can log into the discourse box (user/password vagrant/vagrant) and I can mount /vagrant from my laptop OK. That means NFS is working as it should and not being blocked.

So I guess that the problem is some of the NFS options in the Vagrant file. Does anyone have a working Vagrant file for Fedora 23?


I found a post here which explains which services you need to allow through the firewall in order for vagrant to work.

Example for easily configuring firewalld using the “firewall-config” GUI:

choose "Configuration: Permanent" from the drop down menu
select the zone you want to modify (i chose "internal").
go to the "Interfaces" tab, assign vboxnet0 (or other host-only adapter) to the zone.
go to the "Services" tab, check "mountd", "nfs" and "rpc-bind"
go to the global "Services" tab (next to "Zones"), select NFS and add Port 2049 UDP (only TCP is predefined).
Finally choose "Options/Reload Firewalld".

NFS mounts now work correctly from within the VM and you can leave firewalld enabled.

I had trouble with SELinux which I resolved by deleting the .old files in /etc/firewalld/zones

I managed to get “vagrant up” working and “vagrant ssh” to get in. I got discourse up and running.


I am having fun. I love the idea of Vagrant, which I hadn’t touched on before. I have seen something on docker but not had an excuse to play with it.

For my install app.yml (which it seems I need to put email into in order to get site registrations going) is not available with this Virtual Box installation. Neither is standalone.yml or the “containers” directory. It looks like the dockers container installation is the way to get up and running with discourse so I will play with that next.

Perhaps I have done this wrong but I am enjoying playing with new things (for me).