Some admins not receiving notifications from "system" user

We have two admins- myself and Dan. Dan receives notifications from user “system”, but I do not. I do receive other notifications- for example when someone mentions me- but not from system.

Examples of system notifications that Dan receives but I do not include “New advice on your site dashboard” and “Backup failed”. The specific “Backup failed” message was discussed at Disk space and backup failure notifications, but that does not explain why I do not receive other notifications from system.

One clue is that Dan is “watching” the topics from system, but I am only “tracking”. I don’t see how to change that.

Here are my notification settings:

dan is possibily set up as the contact, you would need to change the to @admins

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“site contact group name” is currently empty (the default). Should I set it to @admins? If there was any default, it would be me, as I am the original admin and Dan became an admin only recently.

Yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

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I’ve done that now and will wait for a system message to test it (I can’t think of a way to trigger it conclusively). But what is the behaviour if the setting is empty? It seems to be notifying only the most-recently-added admin, which would be odd.

do a back

Settings > Backup

Yes, I’ve done that recently and do get notifications to download the backup.

go, it seems to go to the person doing the backup.

not sure of any other way, maybe someone else can comment ?