How to notify admins of replies to posts by system user?

Is there a way of getting notified when someone replies to a post owned by the system user? For obvious reasons, I wouldn’t want to set the site contact username to a real person but I’d like to know when people reply, for example to the welcome message, a category definition or other system owned posts (yes, people do that). A similar problem might occur when people try to send messages to system, I suppose.

Options considered and dismissed (for now):

  • change ownership of the topics in question
  • close these topics to avoid replies
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What obvious reason? Changing this setting is the way to solve these problems :wink:

When I initially set up my site, I saw that many admins had been complaining about drowning in (useless) notifications so I thought it was wise to let these go to system. If I’m not mistaken, that was the basic idea of having the system user in the first place, no? So my question was basically "how to notify admins only of replies to posts by system user (and PMs).

But I might have to reconsider. But I’m not yet convinced that this is “the way to solve these problems”. To start with, if I’d change the site contact username to myself now, would I be notified of replies to posts owned by system?

Another thing is that the messages would still go to one admin whereas it would make sense to have all (or selected) admins notified, similar to flags. I could come up with feature requests now, but I’m assuming that this is a somewhat common problem so that it’s probably been solved somehow.

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Check the system user periodically? I dunno, at some level, users who try talking to a wall are… talking to a wall. All you can do is make the wall more … clearly labeled a wall?

Discobot explicitly tells people to go to the /about page and use that information if they want to talk to a real human being.


Also these days we allow the site contact to be a group, which kind of lets you have the cake and eat it at the same time.