Admin user not getting any notification emails

I am trying to have the admin user of a self-hosted installation to get an email every time someone posts something.

However, no chance. Emails are never sent (or skipped) to the admin user, but other users are getting emails according to the logs.


Email Settings

Tracking Settings

I looked at Admin to receive notifications every time a user posts

However, no emails are sent to the admin user, are there any other settings I need to check?

The only way to get emails is to enable the mailing list mode, but I assume it should work anyway with the mailing list disabled, or am I mistaken? Other users are getting the user_posted email, just not the admin.

Thanks for your help

Did you check the notification level of the topic where someone posted?

They are always set to watching by default.

I thought maybe those topics existed before you set the watching by default preference. The status of existing topics is not changed.

Is there any info in your /admin/email/sent or /admin/email/skipped that could provide more detail?

After more tinkering, I was able to get a notification mail sent.

Let’s see how it goes

Does the Notification Schedule affect the emails? It did not in the past, but things might have changed?

I have similar problem.

User is complaining they never receive REPLY notification email even when their personal email receive settings are enabled.

They do receive other emails, like password reset, but not reply email. Looks like something in Admin settings is missing.