Some Emoji show broken

Some Emoji, all from the category with the :eyeglasses:-Image are not working.

:zero: :keycap_star: :hash:
:zero: :keycap_star: :hash:

(Please move if this should go to UX and not to BUG. Thank you!)


Topic should be changed too. Some Emoji will not show, or show broken. Confirmed on meta.


Hmm this is a bug. Can you look into it @tgxworld?


Ok I took a deep dive here to figure out the root cause of the problem:

Previously, Discourse would only pull down emojis that are available across all the emojis sets that we support. However, the addition of win10 emoji set introduced a bug where emojis that are not yet available in the win10 emoji set would cause the emoji to break when we run the emoji update script. After digging through the code, it was clear to me that we need a better pattern here so that we can support all emojis that are in each emoji set.


The correct fix is to force the Windows 10 Emoji set to have the same names as all the other emoji sets. I hand created some missing emoji for the set, what happened to them?

Looks like we want to only support the intersection between the emoji sets so I’ve pushed the fix for the broken emojis for now.