Some ideas about groups


Below features can be nice?

  1. Approve feature for groups. Admin or moderators approve a joining request for a group.

  2. Auto notification after added to a group by admin.

  3. Integration between costum fields and groups. For example; there are custom fields on sign up page on my forum like “food engineer” and “chemical engineer”. If someone selects “food engineer” profession on sign up process he/she can join automatically the group food engineers.

Hi !
I’m not sure I understand :thinking: I believe these features are implemented ?
see your.domain/g/the_group/manage/membership

no, there is no these features or i can not see them :slight_smile:

Ha yes, that would be a job for the owners of said group, but I imagine admins or moderators might as well be owners (third option of the access section)


This can be selectable. Admin can allow everyone for joining or require an approving process.

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For this one I believe Action Settings - Custom Wizard - Pavilion is up to the task (although I’m yet to try it :sweat_smile: )


sorry this is already exist.

To see requests admin must go to group’s page. A notification would be nice.


Indeed !
And you’d just have to add the admin in the group as an owner to be notified (along with the others owners)

i had already added “system” as an owner to group but i did not get any notifications for requests. After make an admin an owner of group i have started to get notifications.

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