Some Improvements to Encourage Users to ask questions ? Make People Engage

Why i am demanding this in a discussion forum ?

  1. In 2017 all big forums are grown bigger because of Human Psychology Usages - (Humans gets enaged more to the questions and answers rather than OLD style Forum discussion. This is one of mazor cause behind success of Quara.
  2. Discourse should have an inbuild sub facility to start a question answer phorum which is more engaging.
  3. all old Style Phorum sites are dying while all Questions answer sites are growing day by day.
  4. Question asnwer phorum can also keep soul of discussion phorum by having a Comment system (for questions and Answers.)

I recently started a Category in my forum regarding asking questions.
I have good traffic but People are not encouraged to ask questions by default Question Answer Plugin.
Here is whatelse i want to force people ask questions.

  • Put a ASK question bar on top (where people put their Question and click ask button) Which lead to the creation of topic in the questions category asking Further description from the user. After that user Sign Up.
  • And this bar should be visibleto every user and Logged in or logged Our.
  • And in question answer Category The +NEW Topic Button Should Be +New question.
  • in |Latest| |New| |Unread| |Top| |Votes| , There should be Unanswered also.
  • There should be Your Answer and then an answer Form Which can be typed and answered by anyone and Account creation later.

Discourse should Go to Make an Hybrid of Stackexchange + quara and Itself, Making Itself No. Platform for Discourse.
which Includes

  1. All important Features of Stack Exchange
  2. Social engagement startegy which quara uses ( People get social in quara)
  3. Keeping the Main Soul of Discourse.

That is a very bold statement. Do you have data to back it up? Our data says otherwise. We employ 20 people and we’re growing fast. That wouldn’t be happening if, as you say, “all old style forum sites are dying”.

It’s great that you’re sharing your ideas, but the features you are discussing are better directed at the Question Answer Plugin. If the plugin is lacking some features you need, you could sponsor custom development or find other ways to help out.

Being a Q&A platform is not Discourse’s primary objective. StackOverflow and Quora do that really well already.


Quora does not do it very well – they are not exactly taking over the world with growth. Q&A is not a panacea; it does not fit all topics, in fact it only really fits a minority of them.

I feel Quora doesn’t even understand the actual strengths of the Q&A format, as we did at Stack Overflow.

Quora is a fantastic resource. But it will never have growth or usage rates comparable to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al, because it’s sheer human nature to prefer conversation to answers; and it will never be quite as absorbing as Wikipedia, because other people’s questions are never as interesting as our own. It’s a fascinating mélange of encyclopedia and social network, but alas, I fear that in terms of widespread success and adoption, it combines the worst, not the best, of those two worlds.


How should i proceed with adding more fatures to the question answer plugin ?
which i mentioned above.

If you’re a developer you can add new features to the plugin yourself. Otherwise, your best option is to pay another developer to work on new features for you, e.g. via the #marketplace.

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IMHO, in Quore, the strongest side is not the Q & A format, but personalization (at the script level). As far as I know, the work is being done in this direction: selecting the central page (the last topics or categories), following the categories … If all this is introduced, and users really get these tools in their hands, it will be a breakthrough.

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