New Chrome bug related with keyboard and navigation bar on android

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I think this bug is not related with Discourse but with Chrome new update Chrome 119.0.6045.163.

I share this to prevent and for reference the possible bug reports about this issue in here.

The bug :arrow_down_small:

It happens when the bottom navigation bar is used and try to switching app or try to running in the background while the keyboard is opened. It’s probably a calculation issue.

On Discourse it’s happen for example: when the composer opened. On the video you can see it seems the composer broken and can’t be open again, however it is just off the screen and I think cannot focus and open the keyboard again. When I select a text the composer show up.

I tested it with the latest Edge and Firefox. On these browser this issue doesn’t exist.

Also tried other sites like X where the same issue happens on Chrome.

Without using the bottom navigation bar it works fine:


Is this still the case?

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I can’t reproduce it on my side. Let’s see if Don has the same behavior!


It looks like it has been fixed, works fine.