Some parameters cause English to appear in localised strings

After updating to 2.2, I split a post into another topic. The moderator post has the word topic in it even though that’s not Finnish.


It comes from move_posts.existing_topic_moderator_post. Where is that %{entity} supposed to come from? Seems that it won’t work anyway.


A post was split to a new %{entity}: %{topic_link}


Viesti siirrettiin uuteen %{entity}: %{topic_link}

Furthermore, I got a report that the Uncategorized category is visible to regular users now and they can even try to create topics there. I’m not sure what has changed, though, but clearly something. Anyway, when he tried to create a topic there he couldn’t, because we have prevented that by disabling allow uncategorized topics. The error prompt he received was:

Category on varattu

That one comes from errors.messages.exclusion which is somewhat different as there is not even a parameter in that string. Not sure where the word “Category” comes from. Maybe it’s hardcoded?


You are right. “message” or “topic” are hardcoded values for %{entity}. I’m going to fix that.

Yeah, that’s the attribute name that caused the validation error. Most of them aren’t translated. I think it should be enough to add a new translation for activerecord.attributes.category. I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks for reporting those issues. I fixed both of them:


Thank you!

As we are running the stable branch, I overrode those strings featuring the faulty entity. They will now say the posts were moved into a topic (ketju) even if they would be moved into a message. We can live with that. Especially since I don’t think any post has ever been moved into a message.


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