Some pictures don't display after a domain change

I have followed the sequence of steps but only some images show, some post images don’t show. please correct me!
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If you rebuild HTML for those topics, do the images show up?


Can you please show us which sequence of steps you followed?

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When i rebuild HTML , the images not show

Hello @supermathie,
I change domain follow this topic Change the domain name or rename your Discourse
step by step

Do new posts correctly display uploads?

Yes, photos of new topic display normal.
Only some topic don’t display picture :frowning:

If you look at /sidekiq do you see a bunch of rebuilds still waiting to be processed?

Here is my Sidekiq

The images are on local storage and not S3?

Do you have cdn that’s not pointing to the new domain?

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I don’t use cdn service, i only manager domain by Cloudflare.
What is S3?
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