Some questions regarding to pop polling, wildcards and MX

Hi guys,
I’d like to support pop polling for my communities.

The problem is, that we don’t actually run and maintain our own MX. We’re using the MX infrastructure of our webhosters and Google Apps (free subscription). Our webhosters aren’t providing any wildcard support for answering keys. And Google won’t be my first choice for privacy concerns.

Mandrill has some kind of inbound support but their service isn’t compatible with Discourse for any reason.

What are you guys suggesting me?
How are you dealing with pop polling?

I don’t wanna run and maintain my own MX infrastructure. But I also don’t like to pay monthly fees just for receiving mails. Amazon AWS would be fine, but as far as I know, that’s not their business. SES supports outbound, Amazon Work Mail doesn’t fit to my use case.

@codinghorror: Is there any way to use the answer key inside the message (maybe hidden into the html code) and bypass the wildcard requirement for spam protection?

Any help is highly appreciated.

What are your concerns regarding the privacy of Gmail? There are other free options for hosting email with your domain, but I don’t think they would offer any advantage over Google Apps.

Do I really need to explain myself at this point?

The only system that is allowed to analyse the content of the inbound is Discourse, not Google, no Admin and no one else. Third party MX provider should just do their job by delivering mails and nothing else.

An or Yahoo! account will work just as well. Basically you can use any email provider with plus addressing.

That’s my problem: I didn’t know others than Google and Yahoo. :-/

I have a personal University Account for Outlook, but that’s it. Licensing fees are pretty high for running an extra Outlook server for a couple of Discourse instances.

Ahh ok, is free for everyone. I’ll need to read their guidlines first. What’s their business model for keeping the service free?