Some topics disappear when sorting by Votes

Using the Voting plugin, I just realized that a category with 61 topics is showing only 59 when sorting it by Votes. Needless to say, topics disappearing is a nasty bug because then it is more difficult to find them and therefore vote them. With so many entries, I just realized this when trying to find “my” topic in the middle of the table. :smirk:

Right now this problem can be reproduced for anonymous users. I can also see it logged in, even if there the topics disappearing are different. (?)

Full list when sorted by Latest: Features - Bitwish

List missing 2 items when sorting by Votes: Features - Bitwish

Right now, 5 topics have 6 votes in Latest, only 3 topics in Votes. The topics missing:

As logged in, the topics missing are:

I don’t know why this happens and whether this will change if new topics are created or the votes change. I can provide more information as needed.

(Can someone add the #voting tag, please?)


After some testing, the reason could be…

Features - Bitwish is a long page. When loading it on a desktop or mobile browser, if the user stays at the top, only half of that page will be loaded. The rest is loaded only after scrolling down. The point of “breakage” is exactly by the 6 vote “region”.

This gave me the idea of testing with another browser. The first report was done testing with Firefox desktop and mobile. Turns out the behavior with Chrome desktop is very similar but not exactly the same. In my tests Chrome shows 60 results (instead of the 61, also different than the 59 of Firefox). And indeed, rendering the page with Chrome desktop results in 4 out of 5 topics with 6 votes listed. Better, but still not good.

For some reason, when the page is sorted by Votes, topics seem to be lost in that jump when loading the rest of the page when users scroll down.

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This is a concern … sounds like an off-by-one error somewhere.

@vinothkannans can you investigate?


This is now fixed in the below PR


Thank you very much, @vinothkannans. Today we have upgraded and it works.