Sort by votes button disappeared

The sort by votes button disappeared after discourse update, v2.4.0.beta2 +326. I’m referring to the square button on top of categories/homepage (latest, new, unread etc.)
To confirm, I also tried the plugin on a clean install of discourse (no other plugin or customization, I installed discourse, then the plugin, the button did not show), same result.
I also noticed a weird behavior: first, disable the plugin, then open the forum on a different browser tab, finally enable the plugin. Go back to the other tab, the “Votes” button will appear, but you can’t click it, and once you delete the cache (I reloaded the page with F5) it’ll disappear again.

After the last update to the voting plugin and discourse itself, the (sort by) votes button appear and works in categories. However, it still does not appear in the homepage.

I believe we fixed this a few days ago.


Yeah, as I said in my edit, the button now works! Thanks.
However it only appear in categories, not in the homepage (it’s not in but only in, and it is supposed to to be there too, I think. To me it’s good as it is, but if it should be in the homepage too, then it’s not working. Just reporting it!

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