Some user see a blank page when opening a topic

A few users of my forum report that they can see topic lists in first page. However when they open a topic, they see a blank page.

What could be wrong here?

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Did you encounter the issue yourself too? If you did, you could try in safe mode to see if the issue persists: How to use Discourse Safe Mode
If you didn’t, you can ask your users to take a screenshot of the console tab in the browser development tools (on desktop) to see if there is any error.
Also, does it happen on any topic?
Does it happen only on mobile?


No i dont encounter it.

It seems it only happens in mobile. So I dont know how they can lunch console.

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It’s usually indicative of an older device/browser.

Can you get some details on the phone model and browser being used?


One of the recent users with this bug had ZTE BLADE V0720. Also, I tell all of them to update chrome and they claim they have updated it. However the problem exists.

Same happens here. I’ve got 2 user reports, both on mobile, one Android, one iOS.

  • Android user had an old browser, after they installed new Firefox Mobile, problem went away
  • BUT iOS user installed the latest Google Chrome browser and still couldn’t see any topics, only top header and a blank page below it. This user said they have outdated iOS version and will try to upgrade. Not sure if this is going to fix the problem.

These reports started coming after I’ve upgraded from 2.2.x to 2.3.1. I have just upgraded to 2.3.3, will ask if this helped my user…