Regular blank pages when trying to load Discourse forums in Firefox (Android)

Since quite some time I have the issue that Firefox on Android doesn’t load a Discourse forum. I can reproduce this on many different Discourse forums. So I doubt it’s a specific plugin or feature that does this. I’ve reported it to Firefox, but they don’t pick it up.

Can anyone who also experiences this on his/her Android phone report it in the bug report below? Maybe it will get fixed faster that way. Otherwise I’ll just give up on Firefox.

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Bumping this because we recently updated to the latest stable and we now have a few users experiencing frequent blank pages when using an up to date Firefox for Android.

I don’t have an Android system at hand to reproduce this, but I wonder if there may be something (simple) on the Discourse side of things that could be done to address this, since the bug reported to Mozilla doesn’t seem to be picking up traction.

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Could this issue be Discourse related? Or is it a Firefox bug?

Myself and several other users of a forum have the same problem. Randomly Firefox on Android will simply not finish loading discourse pages, with a blank background.

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