Some users does not get mail even when in mailing list mode

Hi there,

I have a problem with some users which only consume our discourse via mailing list mode.

I think since I have upgraded to 2.2.4+2 (I am not 100% sure) they do not get any email anymore. In skipped there is also no entry.

Does someone has an idea why it stopped sending mail to these special users after upgrade?

It’s much more likely to be a problem with the mail transport than with discourse but sending it. Are the messages not in the sent mail logs? Have the users had mail bounce so mail isn’t being sent?


Note that there is a daily limit on number of emails Discourse will send to any given person. Visit your site settings to edit it.


Found something in the error log. I was misguided through the mail log. I thought mails must be there somehow even if sending it fails. Thank you!


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