Something is occupying port 80 so I can’t install

Long story as short as possible: I want to set up Discourse on Ubuntu 18.04. I installed the Docker application and it’s running. I went to install discourse and got the same “port 80 is occupied” error that so many get. (I’ve read a TON of support about it.) Here’s the error:


So I uninstalled nginx and apache but I still have something using port 80. Here’s the list on what’s using port 80.

Have to put image of that result on another post due to restrictions of this forum.

Here’s the list of things using port 80 that it will not allow me to put in the original post:

httpd is still running - if you kill it off (best reboot to ensure it doesn’t come back) you’ll be fine.

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And how on earth do I kill that?

by running:

kill 5382 5389 5390 5391

you might have to kill their parent as well.

Again though, best approach is to reboot so you know it comes up in a known state.


Thanks large! I’ll give it a go.

Doesn’t work.

No matter what I kill, another number pops up using port 80. Example, I kill all those numbers and then it shows 30176 using it. Kill that, another number pops up.

If you run ps axf | grep httpd you’ll find the parent that needs killing.

Again, did you reboot?

Yes. Twice.

That command you just gave me shows a snap program called nextcloud and at the end it has dforeground

Did you know you had nextcloud installed?

Nope. No clue. Finding out how to kill it and uninstall it now.

sudo snap remove nextcloud At a guess


Thanks for all the help. It’s uninstalling now, then I’ll restart and try again.

That got it. Setup is started. Thank you!


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