Something is wrong on the homepage display

I am using the [v2.3.0.beta7 +7], but at the homepage when click on the Latest, Top, Read Menu, it always display wrong column.

You can see the below image, the Category colum is replaced with the users, and other…

How can I fix it?

Which version did you upgrade from?

The category column was removed in 2.2:

:white_check_mark: Move category under topic title in topic lists by default @awesomerobot

Source: Discourse 2.2

Did you upgrade from a version prior to 2.2, or were you using the theme component to reintroduce it? Either way you’re going to need to fix your styles, and if the component has stopped working temporarily disable it.


I must run launcher rebuild app and then restart the server, after that it’s ok.

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