"Sorry, that user can't be invited" inviting Members to Private messages

I’ve been frequently getting this error message the past 3-6 days.

It must have been due to a recent update.

It happens with old messages.

Here is the scenario:
We have some sort of a guideline shared via private messages with members if they’re interested in something. These kind of messages are evergreen and old. We’ve been adding members frequently to these messages.

We have few of these that we use the invite feature regularly on daily basis.

We’ve 10x checked the problem and the username is fine. I can actually add him to other messages just fine.

I had to copy the same message and send it to the user. It works just fine.

I could guess this happens with multiple old messages [Same error. Everything checked.] but not with newer group messages.

Would you like to make a screenshot of anything in particular that could help you debug this error?


So this only happens on old PMs but not new ones? I am not clear on the reproduction steps here.

Just how many people do you have invited to these messages?

If you want to share topics with users the solution is nearly always to do so using a private category, rather than a Personal Message. Create a category, secured by a group. You can give the group see or reply/see permissions so that they can’t create new topics in said category.

max allowed message recipients used to default to 100 recipients, but since 2017 the default has been 30. Do either of those numbers sound plausible?

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A particular message I’m having this error with is 1-2 weeks old (I was kinda referring to the date this has started occurring. It was ~ the 3rd of September. I thought it could be due to a particular update or so. “Old or new message” in relation to the 1st day I’ve encountered the error.)

I have messages that have easily crossed a hundred member.

The message that I’m currently having errors with most of the time, already has 45 members invited. Inviting members to this message was a daily task and I’ve got this error suddenly and persisted.

Are there any relevant errors when you visit /logs in a browser when logged in as an admin?

Checked on multiple days. No errors seem to be relevant to the problem.

I’ve also noticed inconsistency in the error (that can become consistent & Logical somehow after collecting enough information):

  • Some messages accept inviting some members but refuse inviting other members.
  • Rejected members can be invited in other messages.
  • I usually get this error with messages that have 20+ members already (sometimes 50 members).