Sort poll options by results

We noticed that the behavior of polls changed recently: after voting, the poll options are sorted by the number of votes. For our use case (we have a regular ‘feature/don’t feature’ poll in the moderator team) this leads to ‘misfires’ as people are used to the options having a fixed location. Is there a way to disable this globally and re-enable on individual polls?

I’m starting to doubt if this was in fact different in the past… Still, it would be very useful for certain polls if we could keep the results in the same order as the original poll to avoid confusion.


Poll results were always sorted by # of votes.

Adding an option to control that behavior is interesting but that’s the first time I’ve heard about this being an issue.


Same with ours. We’d like the order preserved as asked.

Is there a hack which would enable this to be the case?