Sorting Categories within Categories

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I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to sort categories within categories (similar to what they’re doing here: Community - Codecademy Discuss). I’d have to have a few subcategories “pinned” to the top of the category page, but when I create a subcategory it doesn’t seem to do that. Is there a special way of doing this? I understand how to sort categories on the main page, but can’t figure out how to sort them within category pages.


That is done by the category settings -

You can also sort them manually by going to your admin settings and looking for

fixed category positions

If checked, you will be able to arrange categories into a fixed order. If unchecked, categories are listed in order of activity.

fixed category positions on create

If checked, category ordering will be maintained on topic creation dialog (requires fixed_category_positions).

You can then reorder them via the categories page and where you create a new category you can reorder them

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Interesting…I don’t have that checkbox.



what version are you on?

If your not sure you can see from your admin area or view source of your forum

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I just signed up about a week ago, so I’d imagine whatever the latest version is.

I did get it to show up though! Refreshed it a bunch of times and eventually it showed up. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!

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