SparkPost is asking me to verify domain ownership

SparkPost is asking me to verify ownership and have NO idea how to upload the txt and how to create a subdomain within Discourse , where are the www folder where I can upload the txt.

I’m used to Apache, Nginx, Vbulletin, IPBoard, SMF and such totally new to Docker.

How do I go about it, I am currently only stuck at the " Register Admin Account" stage because I can’t recieve the confirmation email.

They want you to create a txt record - it’s not a text file, it’s a special kind of DNS entry to prove the domain is under your control.

Who do you use for DNS?


I fixed the txt and dns issue.
still need to know how to accsess it from sftp.

Assuming you’re using DigitalOcean (because you haven’t said otherwise) it’s the same credentials as you used for SSH.

I mean the actual webserver folder… u know like Apache is www/ , nginx is /nginx/html.

I think I am going to have to slowly learn Docker and Ruby in my extra time.

Thanks for your answers.

I don’t understand what you’re doing. To verify domain ownership with sparkpost you don’t need your webserver and definitely no knowledge of Ruby or docker…

already did the sparkpost, I also needed to upload a an actual txt and html file to verify domain ownership for a load test service.
would be nice if anyone would tell me if its even possible, searched google and come up with nothing.
About the Ruby and Docker, never hurts to learn a new skill and maybe one day I might be able to contribute to this opensource software and community.

Many years ago it was typical that HTTP paths paralleled file system paths. eg. for a URL like
the files on the server might be like


But these days quite often the HTTP paths do not correspond to file system paths, but instead serve content based on routing.

I’m fairly certain I have seen discussion here about having a file system folder that could be accessed with an HTTP request, but I don’t recall when or where.

IIRC, it requires creating a route for it.

Does sparkpost not have another way to verify site ownership, eg. entering a hash value in a meta tag that could be inserted into your customize head?

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I have already verified sparkpost and everything is working on Discourse.
what I need is the folder location to the webserver Discourse uses. like how Apache uses /www and nginx uses nginx/html.

So you are trying to serve a static page in addition to Discourse in order to demonstrate server ownership?

Coming at your challenge from a different angle I wonder if this would help?:

Anything you put into /var/www/discourse/public inside the app container will be available until the next container rebuild. Persisting the static content is a matter of modifying the app.yml.