Speed Related Issue

Our SIte recently transferred from a low droplet to a higher one on Digital Ocean. Some of our forum members get amazing speed & some of them didn’t get proper speed to compare to others. I checked their internet speed. everything seems fine from my end. My question is there any plugin to solve this issue or speed up our website?


How could you do that?

It’s most likely an issue with their internet connection. Are those with trouble in a certain place? You might get improvements if you used a cdn.


Your site is using Cloudflare full site acceleration and HTTP/3. Won’t get any faster than that.

Maybe some users are in locations with bad Cloudflare connectivity? Or buggy HTTP/3? Ask users with bad experiences to try different browsers and check the browser log for errors.

Another thing you can try is removing the “Who’s Online” plugin, as it’s know to have performance issues in some communities. We are rewriting it at the moment so it should perform better later this year.