Split CDN for user uploads possible?

Is it possible to split uploads to different hostnames for user uploads and images/css/js provided by Discourse itself? I don’t have the funds to serve 4-5MB+ each images off CDN, but will happily serve site assets off a CDN.

This is a good point. @sam?

However note that 2mb is the max default image size allowed in stock Discourse.

There is no way to do this at the moment, reasonable feature request though.

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I think this is something we’re gonna need internally soon @sam.

We never really got around to this, I am not against adding such a feature perhaps someone in the community that needs to use this feature can send through a PR for: disable_cdn_on_uploads and disable_cdn_on_avatars

+1 to the request, this would help us greatly. We’re comfortable using Cloudflare but having the option to use MaxCDN for user uploads would be great.