"USER split this topic" makes topic forever "un-visited"

This topic got off-topic, so I split the the posts to a new topic.

Here you can see the new topic is greyed out with class="title visited" because I’ve read it all. The parent topic is still black, with class="title"

Doesn’t matter how many times I go into the parent topic to read it, it remains black in the Latest view. This is the case with any topic that’s had posts forked to a new topic. Here’s an old one:

However, if I delete the “user split this topic” post, then the title goes grey as expected.

Feels like the “USER split this topic x minutes ago” admin post doesn’t track its own read status?

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This is a known issue (cf. whisper messages). Will require a huge refactor to handle properly.

This is now fixed in latest courtesy of @sam