Topic read system not marking topics read with deleted/moved posts

Not sure if this is just happening to me because I have restored the forum to a new server, but there are two topics that are not dimmed out yet I have fully read them.

One contains a deleted post, the other had had 5 posts moved to a new topic. Any ideas what’s going on here?

Here are the threads:



Correct, if there is a deleted or moved post at the bottom of the topic, we can’t quite tell if it is unread.

You can “fix” this by posting in the topic.

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Ah right I see. Might it be an idea to only count visible posts in the marking system? Or does that bring about other issues?

It doesn’t seem to have worked : /

Share a VIM tip weekly!’ has had a new post in it but it is still showing up as unread.

I am getting a similar problem again - a thread that had some posts split into a new thread is now showing with unread posts even though people have posted after the thread was split.

Interestingly, it seems to have started after a member edited his post - any idea what might be going on? )I have visited and revisited the thread a number of times now - I have even read the thread from start to finish…).

I’m getting this problem too. After splitting posts from a topic, the topic remains “unread” (the title is shown as grey on my homepage). This is despite me reading down to the bottom of the topic. Example:

Yes we should improve this; that’s the way it has always behaved but this is not ideal.

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Not sure if there’s a separate thread about it, but can you also look at topics going to the top of latest when the last post has been moved or deleted please Jeff? I’m not sure that a notice about a moved or delete post should count as an actual post (most users will not be interested in being alerted to such notices other than by visiting the threads themselves).

Just a note that this one has caused a little consternation for our users.

Will be asking if we’re better off removing the a:visited CSS, but would be nice if this one had a fix.

This doesn’t seem to be working for us.

Posting in the topic definitely works.

Ahh I misunderstood: It will only work if I post in the topic, not if anyone posts in the topic.

It should work if anyone posts in the topic.

I am also facing this problem because:

  1. User A replied to the topic and then replied again pointing out a typo in his previous post
  2. Admin replies pointing out that posts can be edited
  3. User A fixes original reply and deletes the second one (it is now marked as “will be deleted within 24 hours”)
  4. Admin also deletes his post

In my case that is not enough of an explanation. Firstly because I have previously definitely read all posts before they were deleted, so it should be known that I read them. Secondly because the post at the bottom (which is deleted) is currently my own, so it is by definition read by me.

In any case: wouldn’t it be a solution to just assume that deleted posts have been read (instead of assuming that they have not been read, as it is now)?