Splitting some of a topic into a PM


Does anyone know how to split some of a topic and make it a private message thread?

We have a thread that has diverted far from the original OP and the OP no longer posts in it so it’s not appropriate to convert the entire thread. But when I select posts, it says move or delete with no other options.

Thanks in advance!

If you split the posts to a new topic, you can then make that new topic into a PM through the staff menu. (Bottom of the topic, or attached to the scroll bar)

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Are you a moderator on that site rather than an admin? An admin should have the ability to split off multiple posts into a new PM.

Moderators can only convert the topic as a whole. It is a limitation that has been mentioned before (recently here How can I move posts to a new message? - #9 by JammyDodger). I think @Firepup650’s suggestion could be a good workaround if it’s not a regular occurrence. :+1:

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