Add an option to split personal messages

Currently the “Split Topic” admin action is all about splitting public topics, you select a category there and the expectation is that a new public or secure topic is created.

We need a way of also splitting large personal messages.

  • Add an admin wrench option on messages for “Split Message”
  • UI not to show category selector
  • UI to be explicit about who will be included in new private message.

Use case:

  • A PM has 120 messages
  • Admin selects 20 of them
  • Admin clicks “Split Message”
  • UX shows “Bob, Bill, Team …” will be included in new message
  • (phase 2) … allow cleaning up the list in the split UI
  • Admin gives the new message a new title
  • Admin splits
  • Message was split is included in original PM

Maybe as a very low pri long term item, I can think of 10-20 things I’d like to see us do before this…

This is now done thanks to @techAPJ!