Spoiler for certain user groups?

Hi guys,

I’d like to have a spoiler that is user group privilege sensitive.

There are certain information (e.g. pharmaceutical drugs and doses, solutions, passwords for slack workspaces, contact information, etc, ) that should be only visible for the right eyes. Let’s say, I’d like to have a function to redact (black/blur out) portions of the whole forum. But the idea is, that most users still have access to the category.

What do you think about it?

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I wrote this, for some reason discourse-hide-old-text/ at master · pfaffman/discourse-hide-old-text · GitHub that I don’t quite remember. I don’t promise that it’ll be useful, or even work. I think it hides whole posts, though, and not just part of them.

The way that spoilers work the text is in the browser and blurred by css. I think the above plugin could be modified to hide just parts. Feel free to fork it or contact me if you’d like me to modify it for you.


Thanks so far for the hint! I’ll keep an eye on that…

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This request doesn’t make any sense to me. Why not link to a post in a secure category, that only the proper groups have access to?


The categories are for specific topics. I can’t / won’t mix these topics just for specific user groups. This makes no sense and will result in irritations due redundant and (maybe) wrong information.

Something like this would be much better:

[spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler,user-group]

And in case, the group was deleted recently, the fallback should be:

  1. Only visible for admins (and authors)
  2. Admins and moderators should be notified to solve the conflict.

At Discourse, we link to encrypted pms for this kind of thing. The PMs are treated as wikis. So we would have a regular topic:

Super secret information

You will need this when responding to @terraboss on Meta. Click to view

And then the link would take you to the encrypted PM. You can control access to the PM per-user, or per-group if you don’t need encryption.