SQL query for users who have posted on a date (or date range)

(Chris Klugewicz) #1

Can anyone help me figure out how to select users who’ve posted on a particular date or range of dates?

Thanks in advance!

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

(Chris Klugewicz) #3

Awesome, thank you!!

(Chris Klugewicz) #4

Hmmm … I’m not sure that will do exactly what I’m looking for – say I want to query for users who’ve posted on January 1st, for example. Assuming the user has posted since then, the last_posted_at field won’t be helpful in that case.


Mmmm maybe this query:

(Chris Klugewicz) #6

Ah, that’s very helpful! I haven’t had time to tweak it, but it looks like just what I need to build the query I’m looking for! Thank you!


Sure, you should try, and If you need help, share your query here and we can help you. :+1: