SSO (maybe) specific issue

Hi, i’ve succesfully installed discourse on my team’s website. And i’m now trying to remove the login/pssd of discourse and use the login/pssd of my team’s website. Which as i understood it, is called SSO.

So i’ve tryed to install it with the official documentation : Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)

Before explaining the issue, i may have to give few element of the context.
Our website has a first wall to stop people from accessing our website ( we are’nt in prod yet ). Then you acces the ‘real’ login.
I have fill settings like this:
enable sso : on
sso url : the url of the page of the ‘real’ login.
sso secret : a secret key.

An account with the similar mail adress is already on my team’s website AND on our discourse.
But when i try to log in ( as there is no more create account ) it ask me to log on my team’s website, so i do it, but then it doesn’t redirect me on discourse it just connect me on my team website, if i try again going on discourse, it ask me again to login and etc.

I may understood something wrong ( english mistake or an option that i missed ) Could you help me please ?
I added logs about sso if you need it ( i did’nt understood something usefull from them but still).

Did you follow all the steps in “Implementing SSO on your site” section?


Ohhh, ok i thought i only have to fill the 3 admin settings. I talked with my team and they told me that as they understand it they have to write request from our website to discourse’s, taking care of the syntax, ( because our user infos are’nt 100 % exact as your ) that’s it right?