SSO stopped working, disabled SSO, now I'm being ip blocked

Hello! I am completely unable to login to my admin account on my site, to attempt to diagnose why SSO suddenly decided to stop working. I disabled SSO from the console, and enabled local logins. Now I am still unable to login because I “Can’t login from this IP”. I cant access the admin panel to see if my IP is listed. I took advice from another post to try to find it from the console, but it is not there either. Any advice to restore my access to my account?

I even went as far as to create a new admin account from the console, but same problem. I cant access it from my IP (which hasn’t changed since 2017)

Can you use a mobile phone network to get another ip? Or coffee shop or friend’s house?

Those look like some easy suggestions.

Also /u/admin-login will let you bypass sso (though it’s apparently too late for that to be useful).

Also, if you have a reverse proxy misconfigured then all users might appear to come from the reverse proxy.

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I’ve tried logging in from my phone (still had a valid session thankfully). I can see the admin now. I just whitelisted the server IP… The reverse proxy is indeed misconfigured as I appear to be coming from the server ip. could this also explain why SSO stopped working?

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Alright, that was(is) indeed the problem. I have access again, and SSO is working again. I will have to look into the reverse proxy config later. Thank you for assisting!

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