SSO with custom software (PHP)

(Thomas Huulbæk Titanium) #1

We are looking for an SSO plugin that integrates with our custom logon procedure in PHP.

Some properties:

  • Normal logon procedures should still be available in Discourse instance.
  • If user is authenticated via PHP on other site, Discourse should create new user if user email does not exist or log user on if email does exist.
  • It should be possible to click on link on PHP site to log directly in on Discourse instance.
  • If authenticated on Discourse site, a new link in burger menu should be made available to go to profile on PHP site

We can do the necessary PHP ourselves.

Price idea: $500.

(Michael Downey) #2

I believe you could get properties 1, 2, & 4 with the standard SSO built in to Discourse without the need for creating a Discourse plugin. We do it with a custom Node-based application which handles our user management.

Would those features be enough for you?

(Thomas Huulbæk Titanium) #3

Yes, I think we could live with that. I’ll PM you some details in a minute.

(system) #4

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